The "We Want You Happy" Guarantee
Our Sloggers "Happy Customer Guarantee" - 14 days to Meet and Greet and FREE RETURN SHIPPING!

Let's face it, you want to be happy, we want you to be happy, so what happens if your not?

You have 14 days from the day you receive them to decide that it's "love at first sight", or "this is not going to work out". Please note however, that you may not return them if they SHOW ANY SIGNS OF WEAR.

Upon receiving your shoes or boots, try them on as soon as you can BUT DON'T WEAR THEM OUT OF THE HOUSE. Dance around your living room if you want (preferably your carpeted living room). Check them over carefully. Check the fit (hopefully you reviewed the sizing page before you brought them and you know that the thickness of the socks your wearing etc etc.) But seriously, spend a little time with them to make sure they're what you were expecting BUT TEMPTING AS IT MAY BE, PLEASE DON'T WEAR THEM OUT OF THE HOUSE. We're pretty sure your going to fall in love with them, but if not, we'd like to be able to find them another home. So all together now, "PLEASE DON'T WEAR THEM OUT OF THE HOUSE" Phew, this guy is repetitive.

So if after all that, you have decided that they don't fit properly (please note that there will be a little heel slip but they should not fall off your feet) or you just don't like them, then please go to the return page for instructions on returning you Sloggers back home.