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"Half-Sizer" Insoles

The "Half-Sizer insoles are a Sloggers exclusive. They are designed to reduce the fit of a shoe by about 1/2 size.

1) REMOVE the existing insoles.
2) Cut the "Half -Sizer" along the dotted line for the size of the shoe you are using.
3) Place the "Half-Sizers" in the shoes.
4) Replace the existing insoles ON TOP of the "Half-Sizers"

The shoes should feel approximately 1/2 size smaller. However, there are a couple of things to keep in mind:

1) Again, the thickness of the sock you'll be wearing.

2) The "Half-Sizers" work particularity well on medium and wide feet, but alas, sometimes they don't quite do the trick for narrow feet. Especially a narrow heel. This is had to get around with a slip-on shoe.

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